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John Paul College is committed to supporting our College families in their vital role as parents to John Paul College students. Parenting teenagers is full of many joys but also constant challenges. As they grow and mature, their needs change, and we need to keep up with them. Here you will find a collection of resources on a wide range of topics about parenting: short articles by Australian parenting expert, Michael Gross, links to useful pages on the internet, and more. More articles will be added as they become available.
Each fortnightly College newsletter will feature an article from the Parent Resource page with a link to this archive of resources. Have a look around, familiarise yourself with the current articles, and return to catch up on new ones, research a new issue, or pass on some resources to family or friends.
And remember, if you have concerns about your son or daughter, get in touch with the pastoral staff at school – we are keen to help. The first point of contact should be their pastoral teacher, but house coordinators, classroom teachers, the College nurse, and counsellors, are all here to support you as parents.

Parents of current JPC students can click on the links to access a full copy of the listed articles.

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Is your teenager sleep deprived?

Sleep research has shown that the brain practices what it has learned during the day when a young person is asleep. So sufficient sleep consolidates past learning as well as keeps a young person fresh to maximise their future learning.

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Making a smooth transition to secondary school


Starting secondary school is a time of change and uncertainty, which places new demands on kids. Being at the bottom of the pecking order where they are unsure of the playground hierarchies is just one adjustment that they need to make. Getting used to new subjects and new teachers as well as forming new friendships are just some of their challenges during this period

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Positive parent involvement

Parental withdrawal from children’s education is a big problem these days as increasingly parents are worn out from working too hard or being involved in a variety of activities. By the time you get home from work or doing other activities you are spent.

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Snapchat guide for parents

It has become evident that more and more teens are using Snapchat; the photo sharing app. The Snapchat Guide for Parents covers all the settings and privacy issues and has an FAQ component too.
Snapchat Guide for Parents