John Paul College Health Centre

John Paul College has a well equipped Health Centre attended by a registered nurse.


The College Nurse is responsible for the management and operation of the Health Centre, and care of the students and staff who require first aid, basic medical assistance and holistic welfare during school hours.

Students who are taken ill or are injured during the school day have access to the College Health Centre. Should students require medical attention during class time, written permission in the student’s diary must be obtained from the classroom teacher. If warranted, the parents/guardians of an ill or injured student will be notified to collect the student, parents to enter via Gate 2. An ambulance will always be called in an emergency.

Students are required to present themselves to the Health Centre and not contact the parents directly. The College Nurse will asess the severity of the condition and contact the parent if required. Your cooperation in this matter would be highly appreciated.

The College Nurse is a member of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and is located in the Student Services Office. In addition to our nurse we have approximately 20 staff members trained in Level 2 First Aid.

If your child is enrolled at John Paul College and has specific medical needs then please contact Trish Fiore, College Nurse, on 9784 0200.

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Medication Policy