Resource Centre

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre at John Paul College is a state of the art information service providing a range of resources for both staff and students.

The building is purpose built with three flexible learning spaces within the body of the Resource Centre, a computer lab including 29 computers and a dedicated Reading Room used by Year 7 to 10 students each cycle. Our collection includes an excellent array of both print and electronic resources.
The Resource Centre is staffed with qualified Teacher-Librarians and Library Technicians to ensure our students are supported with their educational needs.

Our Resource Centre Staff actively engage with the students of John Paul College, ensuring the curriculum is supported and their recreational interests encouraged. To this end, the collection is continually reviewed and updated with current and appealing material. Click here to search our library catalog.
Our primary focus as a College facility is to provide students with access to wide variety of experiences; as a result the Resource Centre is a vibrant, dynamic and welcoming space for all our students and staff.

Resource Centre - Hours of Opening
Mon to Fri  8.00am - 4.00pm

Bronwyn Keane

Head of Information Services.