Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Year 7 – 2019 

John Paul College has been working with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program for a number of years, which sees every student bring an electronic device to school to support their learning. The model for a number of years has been using iPads at Year 7 to 9 and a variety of devices at Years 10 to 12. Whilst this program has been beneficial over previous years, the move to more sophisticated learning in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) subjects means that the iPad is no longer able to support the learning we want our students to undertake for their future. 

The College has researched a number of different electronic device options with the primary focus of providing our students with the best possible learning tool available. Many variables were considered including a number of different models, weight, cost, durability and functionality. After comprehensive investigation and 18 months of research, planning and discussion John Paul College will change the devices used in Years 7 to 9 to a laptop device starting with Year 7 in 2019. 

During the transition period, Years 8-9 in 2019 and Year 9 in 2020 will not be required to change devices. Parents are welcomed to purchase a laptop for a Year 8 and year 9 students, but not mandated.

The College has worked with an external provider, JB Hi-Fi Education, to provide a portal for parents to utilise the bulk buying power of this company to endeavour to obtain the lowest prices available for the recommended devices and to provide support for any issues that may arise.

Year 10 – 2019

The college BYOD Program for year 10 to 12 remains the same as previous years, with the exception of all Year 10 students in 2019 studying an ICT subject require a Windows Device. As your child transitions from Year 9 to 10 (current iPad to a BYOD Device) Parents are welcome to purchase a device using the JB Hi-Fi portal as listed below.

Please note:

That whilst John Paul College has made arrangements with JB Education, (part of JB Hi-Fi Group Pty. Ltd.)  (“JB Hi- Fi”) to help simplify a laptop purchase if you use the JB Hi-Fi portal you are buying direct from JB Hi-Fi and will need to comply with their terms and conditions. John Paul College does not receive any commercial reward or benefit for purchases made by parents. There is no obligation to buy through JB Hi-Fi and parents may use a vendor of their choice, provided the device meets the minimum specifications as listed below. These minimum specifications have been set by the college so all students are able to focus on their learning whilst at John Paul College.


 Minimum Specification Guidelines 2019


To pre-order your child’s education device:

1. Go to

2. Enter our school code: JPC2019

3. Once logged in, select the relevant student year level.

Note: If your child is studying ICT Subjects in year 10 to 12 a Windows device is mandated

4. Select your preferred JB Hi-Fi store for pick up, or pick up from your school (if choosing school, the device will be provided to you child in Mid-January 2019). 

5. Follow the prompts to choose your device, insurance cover and device accessories. 

6. Enter your personal details. 

7. Select a payment method and complete your order. 


If you have any questions in regards to purchasing, please feel free to contact JB Hi-Fi Education by going to and clicking on the ‘contact us’ button.

For any questions about John Paul College minimum specifications please contact our Director of ICT Mr Kj Maan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.