Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp

Leadership groups from 2019 and 2020 attended a leadership camp at the end of Term 3, as preparation for the 2020 leaders stepping into their new roles as captains at JPC.

The camp consisted of a getaway at Bayplay, Blairgowrie in which both the Year 11s and 12s enjoyed two days of personal reflection, peer to peer bonding, and all around a great bit of fun. 

Beginning with a few icebreaker activities to kick the first day off, we then moved into a group discussion regarding what it means to be a leader and more specifically a Christian leader. We took time identifying some qualities that we would associate with a good leader and sharing some of our favourite leaders with the rest of the group. Afterwards, the Year 12 leaders had some time to meet one on one with their respective Year 11 leaders, offering some of their useful tips and giving advice on moving into Year 12. Early that evening, the Year 11s were treated to a well-executed prank including hoses, water-balloons and buckets of water used to absolutely drench us, creating a massive water fight between the current and upcoming leaders that brought everyone closer, and maybe created a few friendly rivalries. Later that night, the teachers and leaders were split up into each of their house groups and enjoyed a collaborative and competitive trivia night, resulting in a Chaminade victory! Again, bringing forth some great teambuilding and plenty of laughs.

The next day, the year levels were treated to another exhilarating teambuilding exercise, in which the Year 12s scored a victory over the Year 11s. The activity had everyone well awake and ready for some separate year level conversations and final reflections. The Year 11s discussing the new ideas they had ready for entering their leadership roles in 2020, and the Year 12s reflecting over the valuable lessons they had learnt and impacts they had made whilst serving as the captains of JPC for 2019. Afterwards, everyone headed on the bus ready to surf some trees at the Enchanted Maze Gardens, where we were all treated to an incredible final 2 hours of climbing, swinging and zip-lining with everyone before heading back to school.

In short, it was a great experience for all the new and upcoming leaders being able to open themselves to all the feedback and advice from the current JPC leaders and create the long-lasting bonds and memories with the entire leadership team for 2020. Also a big thanks to all the Year 12 leaders, teachers and BayPlay staff that helped to make the two days as fantastic and unforgettable as they were, and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Jack, 2020 School Captain