JPC hosts Italian Exchange Students

Last week the College hosted students and teachers from our sister school in Cortina, Italy. The exchange project saw JPC students and staff host our Italian guests for just over a week. During the week our Italian students experienced secondary school life in Australia and were able to enjoy a variety of activities including a day trip to Queenscliff, Phillip Island, Gumbuya World, Cape Schank and Sorrento. 

Ruairi, Year 11 hosted one of our Italian exchange students. Ruairi built a strong connection and friendship with his student and hopes to keep in touch with his new international friend. Below are his reflections on the experience:

"On the 14th of February, 10 John Paul College families arrived at Melbourne Airport Arrivals to welcome 10 complete strangers from Italy into our homes for the next week. Little did we know that after one week with our “strangers”, the deep, profound bonds of love and friendship created would lead to great sadness at the time of their leaving.  After a nervous wait through countless delays, we  finally met our new friends. We spent the weekend getting to know our new family members and showing them around Frankston and the Peninsula, and soon it came to the first day of school for the week. I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say that there was a chorus of varying feelings in response to the differences school in Australia poses. Some were amazed at the size and subject selections. Others, a little overwhelmed. As the week wore on however, our bonds with our new friends only grew, and our three day trips to Queenscliff, Phillip Island and Gumbuya World proved to fortify the friendships of all involved.

 As the final days of their time with us slowly creeped closer, we tried to ignore the nagging feeling in our hearts, slowly tugging at the fact that it was almost time to say goodbye. Before we knew it, Sunday morning arrived, and it was time to say farewell. Our arrival at school was met with a plethora of emotions, and everyone’s eyes were filled with tears. As we said our last goodbyes and waved them off, I couldn’t help but thank God for the opportunity he had bestowed upon our school, and the deep bonds of love and friendship he has allowed us to create. Although it may not be easy to see our Italian friends as often as we’d like, we can rejoice in the fact that our bonds will always remain, and look forward to when we meet again."

Ruairi, Year 11

  • Remote Learning and Revised Dates

    Remote Learning and Revised Dates

    Congratulations to students, families and staff for successfully transitioning to the remote and flexible learning program.  As I write, Year 11 and 12 students are now once again enjoying onsite learning and we look forward to welcoming all Year 7 to 10 students on Tuesday 9 June.

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    The purpose of Anxiety - Edition 1, Term 2

    These days we hear a lot about anxiety, and we tend to think of it as a negative emotion.  The truth is, anxiety evolved to keep us safe.  But it becomes a problem when it stops us doing something that we want or need to do.

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    A message from the Student Wellbeing team - Edition 1, Term 2

    This week we have started another new phase in our educational and life journeys.  The return to on-site learning will elicit a wide variety of thoughts and feelings for students, parents and carers and staff.  

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    Principal's Desk - Thursday 28th May - Edition 1, Term 2 

    Return to School

    It has been a great joy this week to see our senior students returning to school and we are looking forward to the return of all students in the weeks ahead as the staged return to school continues. 

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  • College Captain's Remote Learning Reflection - Edition 1, Term 2

    College Captain's Remote Learning Reflection - Edition 1, Term 2

    "The past two months have been an unexpected and challenging time for the John Paul College community, Australia, and for the rest of the world. However, taking from our experiences, this time has also taught us many things about showing optimism, perseverance, and collaboration throughout what has felt like one of the most difficult periods of our schooling. 

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  • Virtual Cross Country - Edition 1, Term 2

    Virtual Cross Country - Edition 1, Term 2

    Over the last 4 weeks during isolation we have had the JPC Virtual Cross Country up and running. Both students and staff have been encouraged to send in a 3km or 4km, walk or run during this time as a way to keep active, stay connected and even earn some points for their houses.

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  • Remote and Flexible Learning

    Remote and Flexible Learning

    The John Paul College Remote and Flexible Learning Framework is an overall strategic approach to learning when students are not on site at school. There will be particular approaches for different year levels and even for different subjects to allow for the best learning and support to be delivered. However, each approach will fit within this overall strategy, which is designed to ensure that students, teachers, non-teaching staff and families are clear about the coordinated approach we are implementing.

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  • 'Altitude' STEAM program

    'Altitude' STEAM program

    Full STEAM ahead at John Paul College. Rehoming bushfire-affected wildlife is just one way students at John Paul College are applying what they are learning to real life problems. The wildlife project originated from ‘Altitude’ - a new student-driven program where pupils years 7-10 develop practical problem solving skills in STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

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  • Mission Action Day

    Mission Action Day

    On Thursday 12th March,  John Paul College took part in the annual Mission Action Day (MAD). 

    MAD challenges all students to carry on the Church's mission of service (especially to the marginalised of our society). The day is student-led with the VCAL students and the Year 12 Leadership team taking charge of the event. These students worked tirelessly in taking on roles of planning and implementing a variety of stalls and activities, with profits going towards the four House charities.

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