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The anchor, an ancient Christian symbol of hope, is representative of Stella Maris Girls’ College established by the Faithful Companions of Jesus. Stella Maris also preceded John Paul College. This panel is dedicated to Madeleine D’Houet, the founder of the Faithful Companions of Jesus.  The charism of D’Houet is courage.

The House D’Houet is named after Madeleine D’Houet, the founder of the faithful companions of Jesus.

The symbol of D’Houet is the anchor, an ancient Christian symbol of hope. It was also the crest used for the Stella Maris Girls’ College, which was established by the faithful companions of Jesus and the original girl’s school before the formation of John Paul College.

The charism of D’Houet is courage, and this is a virtue that shines throughout the whole house. We show this by always competing hard in sporting carnivals, supporting fund raisers, showing a good attitude towards all aspects of the school and pushing ourselves to the limit. There is also great spirit shown throughout the house in the way we help each other out and help to support fund raisers and push each other to get involved.

The goals that we as leaders would like to achieve in 2016 are to be good representatives of D’Houet, and show the traits that the D’Houet house possesses. We want to get everyone involved in anything they can do at school, whether it is for sport or academic activities and we want to be the best achieving house out of the four!


Sam Anstey

Middle House Coordinator

Louise Ward

Senior House Coordinator

Natalie Hammond - Arts Leader                                                  

Benjamin Stenhouse - Sport Leader

Chloe Toole - Social Justice Leader

D'Houet House Senior Captains

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