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JPC Board

John Paul College is jointly owned by its member parishes, namely: St Anne's Seaford, St Francis Xavier's Frankston, St John's East Frankston, St Joseph's Chelsea and St Jude's Langwarrin. The parish priests of these five parishes form an "Association of Canonical Administrators". This association is the legal owner of the college. The John Paul College Board is a representative group of parents, canonical administrators and staff which is responsible for the development of the mission statement and general policies of the college. The canonical administrators delegate to the board the responsibility for giving advice to them and to the school's administration on a range of policy matters, including educational priorities, capital development, student enrolment and parent fees.

The college is administered on behalf of the Canonical Administrators by the Principal who is responsible for the implementation of the school's policies including the employment and supervision of staff, the enrolment of students and the achievement of the aims of the college.

The purpose of the College Board is to build, strengthen and nourish the college as part of the wider faith community. The College Board is a structure intended to facilitate members of the college and faith community to share responsibility for the well being of the whole of the college within the beliefs and values, teachings and traditions of the Church.

For more information on the College Board please check with the College Administration Office on 9784 0200.

Fr John Madden

Parish Priest

Fr Martin Adichilamackal

Parish Priest

Fr Gregory Pritchard

Parish Priest

Fr Chinua Okeke

Parish Priest

John Visentin


Tony Bentley

Parent Representative and Chair

Lisa Jacob

Sally Carvosso

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Carolyn McAlister


Co-opted Member


Gary Coy

Parent Representative

Chris Geehman

Parish Representative

Jacqui Dolan

Co-opted Member

Judy Jones

Parish Representative

Mary Karakatsanis

Parent Representative

Ashlee Cant

Staff Representative

Tony Pitara

Honorary Accountant

Anthony Coon

Gerry Gogan



Parish Representative

Parish Representative


    Leadership Team

The Principal administers the college with the assistance of the College Leadership Team which is the Principal's major consultative and advisory group for educational and administrative decisions.

Responsibilities of the College Leadership Team include determining administrative policies and procedures throughout the college, planning and approving major school functions, events and activities, and approving and evaluating staff development and inservice programs.

Composition of the College Leadership Team:

John Visentin Principal
Rick Van Duppen Deputy Principal Wellbeing
Lynette Helisma Deputy Principal Learning & Staff
John Riddle Faith Development Coordinator
Paul Owsianka Business Manager
Craig Judkins College Organiser